Please help me fund travel and tuition for the Kundiman Retreat!

Lindsay Choi / Support 2018 Kundiman Fellows!

Hi, I'm 최 Lindsay, and I'm really excited to have been offered a space at this year's Kundiman retreat! Unfortunately, because I live across the country from Fordham, I can't afford to pay for both travel and my tuition, which are detailed below. Any amount would really help! I'd really love to be able to go to this retreat to write and connect with a community of AAPI writers.
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    Good luck, Lindsay! Kundiman is a blessing. Enjoy every minute!

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    Congrats, dear! So grateful to encounter your work again in such a special space. See you this summer. xo

About Please help me fund travel and tuition for the Kundiman Retreat!

You can find my work online at: 
and in print in HOLD: A Journal, Issue 9 of Apogee, and Bettering American Poetry Volume 2. I also have a chapbook called Matrices published by speCt! books in 2017.

My writing attempts to explore the possibility of writing queer and diasporic experience through the relationships and disjunctions between lyric and mathematical form, often working through the logics of sound and "false friends" between Korean and English. 

At the Kundiman Retreat, I hope to write new work and generate ideas for future projects, and to explore different approaches to creative practice from both the program faculty and my peer group. Most importantly, I really hope to connect with a community of AAPI writers at the retreat.

These are the expenses I'm working with: 
Tuition: $375 
Travel: A round trip between LAX and LaGuardia costs anywhere from $452 to $500. 

I'm a student without a stable source of income right now, and even a portion of the requested amount would help so much! Especially as I currently don't have the money to be able to pay $452 at once on plane tickets right now, and prices for summer tickets rise pretty rapidly. If you could help, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!